KLIP Menu Cover

Clip Menu Cover with Metal Clip

Designed to Japanese style, comes with refillable A4 pockets

Clip Menu Cover Klip Menu Book

Clip Menu Cover - Klip models are designed specifically to be a menu at restaurants which have many menu pages from 20 pages to 60 pages maximum. It comes with metal clip system to pinch the menu,  insert and remove clear PVC [140 microns] pockets easily. You can refill the pockets on your own. We provide Klip menu cover in 3 models which are as follow; 

 Clip Menu Cover -KLIP  Loft

Klip Loft Menu Cover is designed with Japanese style, gray leather edges and insert cover. To begin, we offer 16 double pages pockets = 20 pages including front-back cover.

Clip Menu Cover - Klip SAN

Klip SAN Menu Cover is made of Thai woven, and available in 4 colors cover; Red Menu Cover, Green Menu Cover, Blue Menu Cover and Yellow Menu Cover.

Clip Menu Cover - Klip MAI

Klip MAI Menu Cover is created with luxury silk leather concept. It comes in 4 colors; Blue Sapphire Menu CoverYellow Amber Menu CoverRed Ruby Menu Cover, and  Green Jade Menu Cover.

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