SAN menu book with metal ring system, modern style menu cover & clear pockets for more menu pages

New style woven menu book - SAN Series

New modern-style menu folder, used in the restaurant, and café which is minimalist and fashionable. The cover is made of a woven mat and uses the SAN series metal hoop, making it easier to fill or remove the menu pocket. The design is specifically used in the restaurant with the thick PVC sheet menu pocket, which makes the image brightly colored and the food image look more appetizing.

SAN series menu folder should has at least 6 pockets, can fit 12 pages (standard amout), and can adding up to 10 pockets = 20 pages (at the maximum amount). The SAN series includes 3 series as following;

  1. SAN MONO Series – Black & White tones menu cover has a lofty, retro, and crafty vibe to it, available in 2 colors: Mono Flag and Mono Plus.
  2. SAN XAVI Series – A contemporary variety of tones in a menu cover that is made of woven mat, available in 5 colors: Tabby Black, Spirit Red, Ocean Blue, Earth Brown, and Honey Brown.
  3. SAN RENA Series – Colorful tones on the menu cover that give you a bright and fresh feeling, available in 2 colors: Tropical Green, and Exotic Red.