SAN Menu folder – SAN XAVI Creamy (Set of 5 menu books)


San XAVI Creamy 12 views (set of 5 menu books / 2,380.-)

New style weave cover menu folder, more designed under the concept of food menu folder for restaurant, and café in minimalist and craft style. Which is decorated in natural brown tone that makes the customers feels comfortable on the eyes.
The XAVI Creamy menu folder is made by machine, so the pattern is beautiful and neat. It is more unique with the Metal Ring Binder system attaching the menu pocket to the menu cover, that makes customers can flip and open it easily. And you can add and remove the page more conveniently by yourself.
The menu folder contains 6 pockets for 12 pages (front and back) that made of PVC plastic. If you want to add more pages, you can fit up to 4 pockets per book for total 20 pages and last for 1-2 years depending on care and storage.
< 1 Set 5 menu covers and printing – *FREE delivery in Thailand when ordering up 1,000฿ >

Creamy Menu Cover : The XAVI menu folder has the modernity that is compatible to the restaurant, wood style café, as well as vintage Italian craft style, while there are placed on the table. Make a good look and elevate your restaurant even more. Also increases the chance for customers to pick it up and sales.

Thai Menu Book : This series of the woven menu book is a product that made by Thai craft manshift. Those who specialize in mat weaving, therefore, have a beautiful pattern, durable, and long-lasting. And the materials used also made from 100% recycle plastic pellet, so you can contribute to Thai products and conserve the environment in another way. Only sales at “แฟ้มเมนู.com by Daydreaming”

PVC Clear Pocket & Durable Ring : We choose a clear plastic pocket that made of clear thick PVC that thicker than PE pocket or a typical document pocket on the market. It is clear and convey the image of food in fresh look, and appetizing. In addition, from the strong metal loop system, the customers can easily and conveniently flip through the menu. There are 6 of A4 size plastic pockets for 12 pages (front and back). And can added up to 10 pockets (totaling 20 pages) for maximum.

Name Tag “Menu” : The menu display on the cover is made of white acrylic that comes with minimal style font. If order for 6 sets of 30 or more book (1 set contain for 5 books), can receive a free service to print the name on the logo.

** Pictures and items of food inserted inside are only used for presenting products.
The page price is part of the “menu cover” section, not included menu design. **

Menu1Folder Shop uses the service of Kerry Express and Flash Express mainly.  There are more options, such as Transport Services for non-Bangkok area which is faster but no-tracking system and Bangkok area could delivery by motorcycle delivery services (Grab, Lalamove, etc.)

Delivery time; at around 3.00pm. of working day (Monday-Friday), the team will send package to delivery service companies.
**Some Menu folder items might need assembling time which is about 1-2days, after payment receiving. 

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Specificions / สเปค

Model / รุ่น SAN XAVI
Color / สี Creamy
Paper size / ขนาดกระดาษ A4 (21*29.7cm.)
Dimensions / ขนาดสินค้า (กxยxส) 25.5*31.5*3cm.
Weight / น้ำหนัก 2.25 kg / 5 book