Why "Menu Folder (Menu Cover)"

"Menu Folder" is a direct translation from Thai. Later on, I found out that this is called “Menu Cover” in many  Western countries, while the Chinese calls it a “Menu Book”. For businesses located in Thailand, the name www.Menu1Folder.com (www.แฟ้มเมนู.com)” is appropriate, being more understandable for locals.

While helping my mom design and choose a New Menu design for her restaurant, I looked at many different menus and finally found one that was just right fit. I called it Born to Menu Folder”....  (read more click!)

Advantages of Menu Covers

These Menu Covers are designed for use anywhere food is served
Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro, Bar, Hotel and Spa.

Menu Cover designed for easy to change manu list

Easy to change any of the Menu pages

Good protection by metal corner makes Menu Cover long laster

Metal corner protectors make the Menu Folders last longer

Menu book and Menu Cover always have big chance to get water and dirt from dinning table

Menu folder protects against water & dirt + easy to clean

Menu list always need updat, to save cost, using Menu Cover

More menu choices to suit you + your customers

Menu Cover must be fliped hundred times a day, using the good quality Menu cover

Plastic of the menu folder is clear, flexible + durable

We have menu cover in stock and ready for you

Menu folders in stock, ready for you (+ Menus made to order)

4 styles of Menu Covers

Standard Menu Cover models are In stock - Ready for Delivery in 1-2 working days
Sold in Set of 5 menu books!

LOFT menu folder (thin edge)

BISTRO menu folder (wide edge)

KLEAN menu folder (no edge; minimal style)

LOFT TALL menu folder (special B4 size)

Menu Printing
In Digital offset system

Full Shiny Colours in Number of copies required

is coming soon!!