Extra size menu book, A3 menu book is bigger than A4 menu book

Extra Size Menu Book Tall
TALL series Menu Book

Extra size Menu book - big size, clearly seen, and more menu pages

The TALL series Menu Cover has an extra size for special menu books in your restaurant.

Extra size menu books, such as A3 menu covers and B4 menu covers, are very popular in many restaurants, particularly sukiyaki restaurants. With a distinct appearance, whether adding more menu lists or menu pages, the fit size is 24x36 cm. make this TALL series suitable for table viewing.

 TALL series extra size menu book are available in 2 models:

  • Loft TALL transparent sheets with a durable leather border are available in 8-page, 12-page, and 16-page sizes (cannot add or remove pages)
  • Klean TALL Acrylic Spine with 6 A4 pockets; insert 12 page menu (front-back) and purchase another 4 pockets; maximum of 20 pages per menu cover.

Extra size menu book printing B4 (24x36cm.) is required by menufolder.com; we use digital printing machines that provide excellent color and quality. You must adore it!

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