KLEAN Tall menu cover B4 / set of 5 menu books (+Digital Printing)


Klean Tall Menu Cover B4 (24x36cm.) set of 5 menu book 3,450.- included Menu Digital Print


Klean Tall Menu Cover is designed with extra size B4 (24x36cm.) which is bigger than menu A4 (21×29.7cm.) but smaller than menu A3. It can show wider food item images and menu lists. Perfect for Minimal Style restaurants because their concept is “Less is more”. 

PVC Celluloid sheets 24x36cm are made of clear soft PVC [200 microns thickness], it is long-lasting and gives perfect colours. To begin, for one menu cover, provide 6 envelopes = 12 pages (Front-Back). You can additionally purchase 4 envelopes maximum = 20 pages. Fastened with bright grey acrylic case by 4 binding screws.

Tall Series (Extra Size 24x36cm.) is available 2 menu covers;

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This VDO clip shows the usage of the Klean Tall Menu Cover, including The extra large menu cover “Tall Series” size B4 (24x36cm.)

Minimal Style Menu Cover: This menu cover comes with the “Less in More” concept. It has developed a new style menu which is simple but minimal. The white acrylic spine and 4 binding screws make you hold it easily.

Extra Size Menu Cover with B4: The B4 (24×36 cm.) menu cover is bigger than A4 (21×29.7cm.) but smaller than A3 (29.7×42 cm.). You can show many food images and larger fonts for easy reading and add more delicious food.

Refillable & Top Insert PVC Pocket: The pocket is made of a clear & thick PVC 200 microns. 1 pocket can insert 2 pages (front-back), we offer 6 pockets = 12 pages in standard. You can purchase another 4 pockets per menu = 20 pages in maximum. With top insert helps you insert the paper easily without unscrewing.

Digital Print For Menu Cover: With an extra size, our 4 colour Digital Offset printer is ready to service. We offer 210 grams of art paper, bind it to be ready using.

** Pictures and items of food inserted inside are only used for presenting products.
The page price is part of the “menu cover” section, not included menu design. **

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Features KLEAN menu folder – minimal menu book style

  • Flexibile (4)  KLEAN menu folder can add/reduce Menu pages easily by put-in more PVC pockets with Binding screws
  • Presentable (5) KLEAN could show fully of your own style via clear PVC pocket and colourful acrylic menu book spines*.  (*placing order 20+)
  • Durable (2)  This minimal style menu cover uses nice clean Acrylic, but it might be broke when get strong crush.
  • Protectable (3)  The thick PVC clear pocket is able to protect dirt and water from the front and back, but it might go though the top.
  • Valuable (4)  KLEAN menu folder is reasonable price with cool nice design and medium durability

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Specificions / สเปค

Model / รุ่น Klean TALL
Color / สี White
Paper size / ขนาดกระดาษ B4 (24*36cm.)
Dimensions / ขนาดสินค้า (กxยxส) 27.5*36.5*1.5cm.
Weight / น้ำหนัก 2.5 kg / 5 book