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Lightweight and Stylish Aluminium A-Stands


Aluminium A-Stand for Easy Mobility and Durability: Introducing our ALU series, the ultimate lightweight aluminium A-stands. Available in sleek silver, these stands are not only rust-resistant but also designed for effortless portability. The lightweight nature of these stands makes them ideal for any individual to manage, perfect for promoting sales and specials with ease. ALU 2M Medium A-Stand and ALU 2XL Large A-Stand

Convenient and Modern Design: Our Aluminium A-Stands feature a triangular, A-shaped design that is perfect for storefront placement. They are designed to be easily foldable for convenient storage, ensuring that setup and take-down are hassle-free. The frame’s lightweight aluminium construction allows for easy relocation and adjustment to suit your promotional needs. Each stand includes a weight bag for enhanced stability, ensuring they stand firm even in windy conditions. Jhoola C-Shape A-Stand

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