Outdoor A-Stand ALU-2XL (80*120 cm.) Free Printing


ALU-XL Outdoor Standee – A Stand – size XL 80*120 cm. (4,680.- / piece) included Inkjet Printing

A diagonal triangle storefront signage is right at the eye level which makes it visible to attract the eyes of passersby. It will show product style and uniqueness that can be placed in front of the store both indoors and outdoors. It is also easy to lift in and out of the store. A storefront signage can be used with various stores to increase the store visibility.

A triangular storefront signages are lightweight and easy to move. With a top handle that can be removed and changed easily, The material is made from aluminum, so it is rust-free and is resistant to weather, sun, rain, and the environment.

Floor-standing signage can be assembled easily by the store and is ready for immediate delivery nationwide.


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Clearly seen: A diagonal triangle storefront signage helps passersby to see the signage. You can also add product images up to a size of 60 x 90 cm., without obstructing the storefront or the atmosphere inside the store. This will make the whole signage and storefront visible. This type of signage is suitable for restaurants, cafes, drug stores, gift shops, hair salons, stationery shops, bookstores, kiosks for sales, among others.

Two side Display Frame: Floor-standing signages are designed to allow images to be placed on 2 sides, both front and back. This makes it possible to communicate and helps attract more visibility to the store which will then help to increase sales for the store.

Out Door – In Door: Storefront signage can be set up both indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight, and easy to lift in and out of the shop, even a woman can easily lift this signage.

DIY Assembly: Storefront signage can be separated to make it convenient and compact for transportation. It can be assembled by unscrewing the screws


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