Minimal Menu Cover for Minimal Style Restaurants

Klean Minimal Menu Cover

Minimal Menu Cover with Acrylic Spines, Clear Refill PVC Pockets

Minimal Menu Cover - Klean

Minimal Menu Cover is a new simple design which perfect for use in all types of restaurants and cafe. It is easy to refill pockets with 4 metal binding screws. You can create your own menu style fully*.

This Minimal menu cover is available in 4 colors including Crystal Clear menu cover, Royal White menu cover, Classic Gray menu cover, and Super Black menu coverMoreover, you can request that acrylic spines be made in the colors of your choice. This selection is special to you, and examples of acrylic spine color are red, yellow, green, dark blue, purple, and so on. [A minimum of 30 menu are covered]

Minimal Menu Cover - Klean Tall

Minimal Menu Cover - "Klean Tall" (B4 24x36 cm.) is also designed with extra size for large menu sheets. For people who would like to print menu, this minimal menu covers digital printing. And, if you want to add more pocket, clear PVC Plastic Pockets are always available for purchase.