Klip MAI menu folder – Amber Yellow 16 views (set of 5 menu covers)


Klip MAI Yellow Amber Menu Cover 16 views
(set of 5 books / 3,380) 

The Yellow Amber Klip MAI is a luxury menu cover and designed with silk pattern leather to show the oriental style. Many restaurants, hotels, and department store owners use the Klip MAi menu cover for their Thai model restaurants, Japanese and European restaurants.

This menu cover  is meet the need of them so much because of the material; PU leather is waterproof, long-lasting, and easy cleaning.

The double metal clips – Klip System are included at the top and bottom of the Klip MAI menu book. One standard menu has 4 double cases and can hold up to 16 A4 pages until a maximum of 40 A4 pages. You can insert the paper on both left and right sides, or increase or decrease the pages by pulling the clips out. Inside, provide the PVC plastic pockets which are so clear, think texture, excellent color, and also waterproof.

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Oriental style Menu CoverThe Klip MAI menu cover” is Asian style, and designed with Yellow Amber silk pattern menu cover to create a very luxury for restaurants whether Thai, Japanese, or European, as well as restaurant space in hotels and resorts in Thailand or worldwide.

Durable with Great style : Using the Klip MAI in your restaurant is not only creates a luxury image but also gives resistance, waterproof, and easy to clean. The Material is made of great PU leather which is beautiful like real silk.

Klip System for menu cover : The ultimate Klip system is designed to reduce the number of pages with a metal clip – double sleeves. The Klip MAI contains 2 metal clips by pinning the top-bottom between the cover and the double cases together into a book. One standard menu has 4 double cases and can hold up to 16 A4 pages until a maximum of 40 A4 pages.

Double-side Pocket folder : The double sleeves use the Klip system, and are made from soft clear PVC Plastic. We decided to use plastic with a thickness of 140 microns to increase the durability while showing the colorful food pictures very clear and look delicious. This will whet your customers’ appetites for sure! 

** Pictures and items of food inserted inside is only used for presenting the product.
The page price is part of the “menu cover” section, not included menu design. **

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