Klip SAN menu folder – Green 16 views (set of 5 menu covers)


Klip SAN Green Menu Cover 16 views
(set of 5 books / 2,280) 

The Klip SAN Mint Green menu cover creates a “Thai style” for all Thai restaurants, whether modern or traditional, in Thailand or elsewhere. Designed specifically with Thai style striking weave pattern and Klip system – double metal clips which clamp the menu A4 to maximum 40 pages. Many Thai restaurant such as modern Northeastern food, Thai-Northeastern food, and Thai food in Thailand like to use the Klip SAN to in their restaurant to create Thai image for Thai  restaurants in worldwide.

Menu pages can be added with the Klip system which is developed to Thai restaurant owners.  The Klip SAN menu cover is designed to clip the soft PVC plastic sleeves [140 microns thick] from 20 to a maximum of 40 pages to meet the needs of long menu lists. To begin, provide four double-transparent sleeves and 16 printed sides (front-back), excluding the cover. You can increase and remove by yourself and whenever you need to.

The Klip SAN cover is sewn together to give it a firm texture. Made of 100% recycled plastic and lockstitch is waterproof. Inside the menu, the food images are crystal clear, with no loss of color; ideal for menus.

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Menu Cover in Authentic Style : The Klip SAN cover book is an outstanding style that shows the unique Thai-Thai menu cover design and immediately creates a thoroughly “Thai Style”, in a cool, trendy way. The feeling it creates is one of “Thai to the world”.

100% Recycle Plastic : The Klip SAN menu cover is made from 100% recycled plastic which can help to reduce plastic waste going to the oceans. Each menu book has a striking weave pattern. 

Menu Klip System : The Klip system is designed to use with Klip SAN menu book. The highlight is that it can be increased and reduced pages by pulling the mental clips which are clamped on the top and bottom of the menu cover.

A4 Double PVC pocket : To allow the Klip system to serve as a double A4 plastic case (21×29.7 cm.) , we have made the menu book simple by securing at the top and bottom. The doodle sleeve is transparent soft PVC plastic [140 microns thick] into which pages can which can be inserted it at both sides without falling out; and 1 pair can be put on the left and right, so adding 4 more pages.

Menu Name Tag : When ordering up 30 menu covers (6 sets), “FREE” circular plastic labels can be added on the cover with your restaurant’s name instead of the current word

** Pictures and items of food inserted inside is only used for presenting the product.
The page price is part of the “menu cover” section, not included menu design. **

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Specificions / สเปค

Model / รุ่น Klip SAN
Color / สี Green
Paper size / ขนาดกระดาษ A4 (21*29.7cm.)
Dimensions / ขนาดสินค้า (กxยxส) 23*33*2.3cm.
Weight / น้ำหนัก 2.5 kg / 5 book