INC Large A-stand Double side (60*120) Free printing


INC Large BK – Black metal A-stand Double side 60*120 (4,280.- / piece) included Inkjet Printing


Large storefront signage, INC Large model in a size of 60×120 cm which is a perfect size, making it easy to see. It is suitable for stores that need a sign in front of the store that requires a lot of details in the poster. It can insert posters on both sides. It is a promotional medium for customers to see. The images are eye-catching, clearly visible, attracting customers, and can also easily and conveniently change the promotional posters.


INC Large model, comes in A shape, made from tall steel, black coated that is strong, durable, easy to move, resistant to sun, rain, and wind. It can also be placed outdoors, in open spaces, in front of hotels, buildings, convention centers, and indoors inside buildings, and shopping malls. It can also be placed along the walkway. It helps attract customers and increase sales opportunities or as a signpost in the case where the shop is located in a hidden corner.

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LOFT-style Display : A storefront signage is made with black metal, Loft-inspired style, looks stylish, cool, and simple, and matches perfectly with all shops’ styles. It can be placed on the floor in front of the store, walkways, and sidewalks for customers to see. You can see the product label in the department stores, these signs are placed along the walkways in almost every department store.

Value : A large signage in front of the store will help attract customers. A promotional label insert sheet, not only is it easy and convenient, but It also helps the shop save costs. Employees can change the promotional posters themselves which respond to the needs of stores with many branches. As there will always be new products that need to be changed and promoted, so this is worth the investment.

Outdoor display design : Due to the weather conditions in Thailand with sun, wind, and rain, the storefront signage, INC Large model, black metal, A-shaped base that is durable, can be placed outdoors without having to lift and store in another place. It withstands sun, rain, and wind, and does not wobble.

Thai Product : This Storefront signage is made in Thailand. We choose strong and durable materials and can control the production of every product that is compliant with standards. So every piece of signage in front of the store has the same good quality.

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