Table Menu Flippo Natural Wood – Slim


Table Menu Flippo Natural Wood size S (10x20cm.) 1 piece 420.-

Multi-page Table Menu Flippo-W Natural Wood is designed for recommended menu, new menu, and promotion of restaurants and stores so that you communicate with customers and increase selling opportunities to get better. Features with multi-page, metal loop and PVC clear thick pockets make this table menu easy to flip and is long-lasting though flip pages often. 

Multi-page Table Stand can be used at restaurants and stores which provide various promotions and would like to recommend the menu whether it be food, beverage, or dessert. You can insert the menu sheet 10*20 cm. into provided pockets, and flip it through a metal loop. This table menu stand is made of natural wood and handmade in Thailand

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Turning Page Table Display

The pros of multi-page Flippo-W are designed to be used in restaurants for meeting owner’s needs. For giving special promotions and recommended menus to each group of customers, you can place them on the bar top, dining table, reception desk, etc. It helps you to increase the selling opportunity of your restaurant.

Natural Wood Base Display Stand

Made of the natural wood base which is 8 cm. wide and 2 cm. thick. While flipping pages, this Flippo-W table menu is strong and not easy to fall. The natural color of Chamchuri wood makes its pattern look charming and dimensional, which is more natural than plywood. Perfect for nature-style restaurants, cafes, and stores.

Special Ring System for Multi-page Display

The metal loop is a special ring system that is designed for the Flippo-W table menu. It can help you to flip the pockets easily. Beginning we give 10×20.5 cm. 5 pockets that insert 10 pages (front-back) for showing the recommended menus and promotions as you need. The PVC plastic pocket we choose is very clear, thick, sticky, and also long-lasting.

Real Thai Products 

Every Flippo-W component is 100% handmade in Thailand which ensures the quality of production. It is very convenient for parts replacement. By purchasing this Flippo-W table menu, you can support Thai craftsmanship and also help to grow the Thai economy in the country as well.


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Specificions / สเปค

Model / รุ่น Flippo
Color / สี Teak
Paper size / ขนาดกระดาษ Slim (10*20.5cm.)
Dimensions / ขนาดสินค้า (กxยxส) 8*12*26.5cm.
Weight / น้ำหนัก 350 gram