MOKA A-Stand Wood Double Side – Dark Oak (60*100) FREE Printing


MOKA A-Stand Wood Double Side – Dark Oak (60*100) FREE Printing (3,580.-)


MOKA store front standee, two sides wooden sign, with Dark Oak color.

A front wooden standee comes in a triangular shape, dark oak wood color, vintage style, cool with two sides. You can put pictures on the front and back. You can insert and change images including road signs, store logos, store opening and closing times, recommended products, and promotional sign images. You can change as needed, and this will help stimulate sales.


A front wooden standee comes with a strong base, and it will not wobble. It is made from wood, waterproof coating, and is resistant to use, wind, sun, and rain. The standee can be placed indoors, in shopping malls, hotels, outdoor areas, beachside, and gardens. The standee can insert up to 60×100 cm, making it visible, attracting the eye, and a perfect size that is not too large when placed in front of the store. It does not cover the storefront and the atmosphere inside the store.

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Vintage Style Standee 

A front wooden standee comes in a  Dark Oak color, vintage style, promoting a good-looking, unique image and chic design with a triangular A-Stand shape. It is made from waterproof wood, strong, and durable. The standee can be displayed on 2 sides, front and back. All you need to do is to insert the poster board into the wooden stand in front of the store. It helps attract the visibility of people passing by as they recognize the store.

A-Stand For Indoor & Outdoor

A front wooden standee comes in a triangular shape which can be placed and is wind resistant and does not wobble easily. It can be placed in indoor areas, shaded areas, shopping malls, hotels, outdoor areas, by the sea, or on the beach side. It helps promote the store with a size of 60×100 cm. The size is just right to place in front of the store. It does not block the storefront or the atmosphere inside the store.

Good Value

A front wooden standee, other than helping attract customers to enter the store more easily, it also helps the shop save costs. With easy-to-change inserts, it can be used with as many branches or promotional campaigns as desired. It can present new products and is worth the price. Staff in the store can change it themselves without the assistance of a technician.

Durable Foam Board / PP Board Printing

A front wooden standee comes with a sheet of Foam Board or PP Board in a size 60×100 cm. It is printed with a high-quality Inkjet Printing system, making the picture look beautiful, sharp, and durable, and can be used for 1-2 years (printing time 3-5 business days) service. It is ready to box and ready to use.

Made In Thailand

A storefront wooden standee uses materials and produce in Thailand, allowing us to control the production of every product. It also meets the standard. ร้านแฟ้มเมนู.com supports small businesses and also supports the growth of the Thai economy.

**Pictures and items of food inserted inside are only used for presenting the product.
The webpage price is part of the “Standee” section, including Inkjet sticker printing on PP board

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