An Attractive A-Frame is Like a Beckoning Cat Appealing More Customers

I visited Australia several times and witnessed a variety of stores, restaurants, cafés, and kiosks. In front of their shops, the majority of them use A-Frame Signs. People going by on walkways can readily see it. As a result, I was perplexed as to why so many stores employ the same outdoor display stand shape. Is it the technique, like "Beckoning Cat," that attracts customers to the store entrance?

As a business owner, the A-Stand helps to tell the location and to recommend the promotion of products. You can also draw them into your shop like a Japanese Beckoning Cat which calls the customer.

In the past, I have seen how many shops in Thailand are using indoor and outdoor A-Frame to appeal to customers. So, I would like to advise...


How do you pick an A-Frame for your business?

 We have three suggestions for selecting the best outdoor stand, which is as follows:

1. A-Frame Signage Size 

 The size of an A-Frame sign is a significant consideration. Because they come in a variety of sizes ranging from little to huge, you must first focus on the area, usage, and purpose of placing the A-Frame. For example; using it for recommended promotion, informing the store location, or car park sign.

As a result, select the appropriate right A-Frame signage size for your location. They are 3 sizes which are as follow;

Small A-Frame Sign

The majority of little A-Frame signs are 30-40 cm in width and 50-60 cm in height, which are somewhat higher than the knees.

A compact A-Frame has the advantage of being able to fit into a small space and help you save space. It is quite simple to lift in and out because it is lightweight. Restaurant name signs and floor signposts can both benefit from the little A-Frame sign.

Small A-Frame Signs, on the other hand, are difficult to discern from a distance. As a result, we propose placing it in front of the shop rather than along large corridors to draw customers in.

The little A-Frame sign is difficult to detect if it is positioned in a large area.

Medium A-Frame Sign

The majority of midsize A-Frame signs are 50-60 cm in width and 80-90 cm in height. This size is around the waist to the breast when compared to a person's height.

Because of its good height, clear perspective, and lack of wasted space, the medium A-Frame stand is the most popular. A single employee can simply lift it into and out of the business.

In addition, the A-Frame stand includes an insertable poster sheet on which you may design your own poster. The more appealing the poster stands are, the more people passing by will be drawn to your store. It can be placed along walkways, along sidewalks, or at the store's entrance.

The size of the medium A-Frame sign is ideal. It is easily seen and does not take up a lot of space.

Big A-Frame Sign

The majority of large A-Frame signs are constructed with a width of 90 cm and a length of 120 cm, which is the largest size. This size is around the shoulder to head when compared to a person's height.

The large A-Frame display allows passers-by to see it clearly, perhaps increasing sales opportunities in retailers. With its size and height, it's ideal for large locations like storefronts, parking lots, and exhibition halls.

You must, however, exercise caution because it is heavy and difficult to lift. It is recommended that you tie it with a pole before using it to avoid falling.


The big A-Frame sign should be placed in a large location such as a courtyard. As a result, it may be seen from afar but does not cover the entire store.

2. A-Frame Sign Material

Material of A-Frame Sign

A-Frame signs can be built out of a variety of materials. Some materials are suitable for use indoors, while others are ideal for use outside (more durable, higher cost). They are made of the following five materials:

2.1 Steel A-Frame Sign

Steel A-Frame signs are known for their durability and lightweight. When the wind is strong, it rarely blows away and maybe simply lifted in and out. After each usage, we recommend that you return it to the retailer.

Rust and abrasion can emerge after using this type of A-Frame sign for 2-3 years. However, when contrasted to the cost, it is well worth it.

**Rust appears faster at the beach than in other areas**

The A-Frame sign is made of steel and has a sturdy shape and foundation for long-term use.

2.2 Galvanized Metal A-Frame Sign

Galvanized Metal A-Frame signs are less expensive than steel A-Frame signs and have less rust. It can be sprayed in a variety of colors, although matt-white and matt-black are the most popular. A die-cut sticker with a simple and minimal style is placed in front of this A-Frame sign. Its tiny size makes it ideal for use as a store nameplate, signpost, or open/close time sign. (It is not suitable for the colorful style.)

However, the majority of them are made in small sizes. As a result of the limited space, you will not be able to add much text. This A-Frame sign may easily blow and tumble due to its little weight.

The Galvanized Metal A-Frame sign has a simple design and is tiny in size. This material A-Frame sign is not ideal for large sizes since it may easily toss.

2.3 Aluminum A-Frame Sign

Because of the benefits of aluminum, aluminum A-Frame signage are lightweight and easy to lift in and out of the store (Even a single woman can lift it). They have a nice metal texture, are attractive, and do not rust. The price of an aluminum A-Frame sign is less than that of a steel A-Frame sign and (Sunlight and rain resistance).

You could be concerned about being blown away by the wind because it is lightweight. A-Frame signs, on the other hand, come with a hidden water bag for added weight.

A number of poster pictures can be swapped out for the aluminum A-Frame sign. You may quickly insert and remove the image.

2.4 Inkjet Stickers Banner Signage Standee

Restaurants love the Signage Standee because it allows them to add more information and vivid large-item photos. You can also use a die to cut the form to your specifications. It comes with a rear stand and is reasonably priced.

The Banner Signage Standee is constructed from inkjet stickers put on PP boards. This banner signage stand is lightweight and can be blown away thanks to the butterfly wings. As a result, it is only recommended for usage indoors. Furthermore, because of one-time usage, you must replace the entire piece when new promotions are introduced.

Die-cutting the Inkjet Stickers Banner Signage Standee can be done in a variety of ways. It's light and easy to get into and out of, but it can't be folded.

2.5 X-Stand Banner & Roll Up Banner Signage Standee

Both types of signage standees are intended for short-term use, such as product boot labels and display signs. They are lightweight and come with a storage bag.

I've seen the Roll-up and X-stand banner standee rolled up numerous times. They become wrinkled and unattractive. Furthermore, if it is placed in front of a store, it is likely to fall and blow away.

The X-Stand Signage Standee is a tall, lightweight sign stand. As a result, it can be used outside.

The Roll-Up Signage Standee is lightweight and portable. So. It's ideal for short-term indoor use.

2.6 J-Flag Signage Standee

This J-Flag Signage Standee has a vinyl plate and is composed of an F-shaped steel frame. It is extremely popular in Japan, earning the moniker "J-Flag."

J-Flag sign is supposed to be tall, with a height of 180 cm. It is immediately noticeable when people pass by. It is, however, fairly limited in that it affects communication aspects such as design, image, and text. When compared to other sign standees, the J-Flag signage standee offers less detail.

The vinyl is loose and cheap-looking, which creates a bad impression. If you print it with an inkjet printer of medium quality, you can obtain a dull image with faded colors. Furthermore, the base of the sign's standee must be loaded with stone for easy dropping, but this makes it difficult to store and move.

Despite the fact that the J-Flag is meant for outdoor use, it is extremely popular. However, given the limitations listed above, we recommend that you pick a signage standee that is suitable for outside use and will catch customers' attention.

J Flag Signage Standee is easily blown by the wind. You must tie a J-Flag to a pole or weigh it with stones if you place it on the floor.

3. A-Frame Signage Standee 

Triangle Signage Standee - A Stand drew a lot of my attention. It is extremely popular in Australia, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in Thailand.

The majority of them come with two plates attached to the top. They resemble the letter A when unfolded into a triangle. The following are the advantages of these A-Stands:

  • A-Frame signage standee has a large, strong base, wind-resistant, and more collapsible, so it is suitable for exterior use.
  • A-Frame signage standee with a good angle helps people to see clearly good height on both sides do not cover the storefront.
  • A-Frame signage standee is trendy, stylish, creates a good image. Also, some models can be folded

There are 2 types of A-stand triangle signage as follows:

3.1 Solid-Plated A-Stand Signage

Using spray paint and a sticker, A-Stand Signage with solid plates is produced in a simple and minimal style.

The stickers are only available in a few colors, and the text cannot be changed. As a result, they are unsuitable for use as promotional signs or for recommending products that are frequently altered.

Signage Standee - A Stand, your logo is not vibrant on the plate. For a choice of hues, you should go with the Galvanized Metal A-Frame Sign.

Signage Standee - A simple stand that may be customized with the store's name and brand.

3.2 A-Frame Signage with Changeable Poster

Signage in an A-Frame Standee was created to modify poster boards in the same way that a photo frame does. It's more adaptable, whether it's for a store's name sign, an entrance sign, or a product introduction sign, for example. You have the ability to direct customers to your store.

A poster-insert compartment is available in the A-Frame. Most poster sheets are printed with an inkjet printer on a PP board, Foamboard, or Plaswood, which is the most durable but also the most expensive.

Many restaurants and establishments in Thailand employ A-Frame signage stands to install on the floor, both outside and inside. For example, coffee shops imported from other countries, such as Starbucks in the United States, Coffee Club in Australia, and Dean & Deluca in New York, use this A-Frame. As a result, this is the most popular A-Frame signage standee option.

We have A-Frames in both metal white-black -INC series and aluminum signage standee - ALU series for you to pick from at

You can insert promotional sheets and recommended signature product sheets into the A-Frame Signage Standee.

The A-Frame Signage Standee is ideal for displaying advertising posters, suggested products, and special offers.

Using Attractive A-Stand Banners is Like a Beckoning Cat Appealing More Customers

Our A-Stand can be used in a variety of establishments, including restaurants, dessert cafés, coffee shops, and so on. Customers will stop reading the signage and rush inside your store like a calling cat. We recommend that you purchase A-Stand for your store opportunity if you want to enhance your sales!