INC LED 1BK – Black A-stand Single side (60*90) Free printing

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A-Stand, model INC LED is a lighted sign with Industrial Loft Style that comes with LED light, which is a bright, clear light, adding outstandingness to the store. It is also easy to insert labels so you can introduce new promotions. The INC LED lighted sign in front of your store can be placed during the day and at night.


The INC LED lighted storefront sign is made from black-coated metal material that is strong and durable. The top cover can be used indoors and inside stores, buildings, hotels, or shopping malls. The large light box sign is 60*90 cm., with a stand to increase the height up to 115 cm. It can be carried and stored easily in the store. It also can be used on walkways, storefronts, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, drug stores, hair salons, stationery shops, bookstores, and kiosks.

Bright LED

The triangular LED storefront sign comes with the right angle for the eyes. Suitable for people passing by as signs can be placed on the sidewalk in front of the store. It helps attract customers to the store by adding a unique feature with bright LED lights that help make the picture bright, colorful, and eye-catching.

Industrial Loft Style Display

The storefront sign is made of black metal, loft-style, giving a raw and cool sense of style. Coffee shops worldwide like to use this style. It is often placed in front of almost every store; such as Starbucks from the USA, The Coffee Club from Australia, and DEAN & DELUCA from New York, as it helps to present promotions of new products.

Advertising Poster A-Frame

INC – Industrial Black is designed to be a foldable floor sign, making it easy to lift and store in the store. It can also be taken to the booth in various events as it can also help advertise and promote the store.

Cool Style with Blackboard Display (Extra Option)

Presenting special items that can be changed every day with a special option with a Blackboard sign in a size of 60×90 cm. It can be inserted and comes with a Chalk Marker pen specifically used for writing on the blackboard which can be written and erased with a nano sponge without any chalk stains.

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Specificions / สเปค

Model / รุ่น INC LED Single Side
Color / สี Industrial Black
Paper size / ขนาดกระดาษ (60*90cm.)
Dimensions / ขนาดสินค้า (กxยxส) 33*61*105.5cm.
Weight / น้ำหนัก 4.5 kg