B4 Menu Printing (Tall Menu Book)

Why B4 Size Menu Printing?

Most of restaurants and offices use Inkjet Printer and Laser Printer for printing the A4 menu sheet or paper. For bigger A4 size, these options printer might not convenience for you. So, menufolder.com team (www.Menu1Folder.com) would like to resolve the problem by giving the special B4 size (24x36 cm.) menu printing service for using with TALL series menu cover.


B4 Menu Printing with Digital Offset Printer – Production Level!

Menufolder.com choose to use Digital offset Printing which is meet restaurants usage

  • B4 Menu Printing-On-Demand : Print menu as number of you need. You can request for menu printing with menu cover. 


  • B4 Menu Printing with Shiny & Colourful : We understand that the colourful image can appeal customers and increase food order opportunity. So, we use high quality printer as Digital Offset for meet the restaurants owners needs.


  • Reach the High Menu Standard with Special Size Menu Printing : Menu with B4 size is very popular among top restaurants such as MK, Yum Zap, Pizza, Sizzler, Jeffer Steak, and Black Canyon

Menu Print on Demand Service

Moreover, menufolder.com team offers A4 standard size menu printing; do not need to insert into menu cover including;

  • Menu Sheets Printing - A4, A3, Special Size Menu
  • Menu Book Printing with Loop -A4, A3 Menu Book
  • Menu Tent Card Printing