Why Menu Folder (Menu Cover)

The cafe menu cover style is NOW available in Thai Market

Start by The pain point of MENU COVER

The starting point is, when I have the responsibility for organizing the Menu Design for 3 famliy restaurants in Bangkok.

As a designer and restaurant owner at the same time, I would like to have a nice, functional menus to use in my restaurants. In the beginning, we used the old menu books sponsored by a beer brand. This Menu book did not have a good design and had no food pictures, translation was bad, and it was not well organized. All in all, this menu did not create a impression and it did little to promote sales for business, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat).

Folder Menu by Document menu is not long last

When you use an Ordinary Clear document Folder as a Menu Folder, it deteriorates within a very short time.

The spine, where the folder open, is the weakest point and soon breaks, because the Menu folder must be opened hundred of times per day.

A Thermal Laminated Menu looks nice, is easy to clear and water proof, but NOTHING can be changed later on. The Spine, where it Folds, is also a weak point.

An Acrylic Menu looks nice, but it's Heavy, easy to break and can not be bound. One must use individual pages.

Updating Menus

As you know, normally any restaurant has to alter the price of some dishes from time to time. To update the menu, we want to use Menu Folder because it's possible to change any page in menu. (It is necessary to reprint the whole menu book) At the time, there were very few folders to choose from, and I had to use  Clear Folder designed for storing documents. The problem is that the Clear Folder is not durable enough to be a menu book. In our busy restaurants, it was Wrinkled and torn within a few months.

Born to be “Menu Folder” (Menu Cover)

Years after years, kept looking for a good qullity Folder to be my Menu cover - till one day my sister came back from the USA with a gift: a Menu Cover with clear plastic sheets and with leather edges and metal corners. But In my opinion, this Menu Cover was not the answer at all!! It was far too simple for luxury restaurant and fabulous menu. I then used this menu cover for a tourist menu set along with the regular Menu Folder, which has shiny red plastic cover and matches a Chinese restaurant.

After regular hard usage, the condition of the Red Plastic Menu Folders deteriorated as usual, While the Clear Menu Covers from the USA were still in perfect shape. Then I just realized,  WOW…. this one is meant to be used as our Menu Cover!

The Clear plastic sheet not only protect the menu paper inside from water and dirt, but it also fully shows my menu design to full effect too. The leather edge is flexible to open 180 degrees, and it is tough enough even if the menu opens a hundred times per day. (The spine/folding part is the weakest point of the plastic folder)  Although, this Menu Cover is more expensive, it is definitely worth using it in any good restaurant!

Menu Cover for Sharing to Thai market

As eCommerce continues to rise, this is the right time for me to share this Menu Cover and offer it to other restaurants in Thailand. I offer not only this Menu Cover called the LOFT menu Folder, but can also offer 2 more styles,

  • BSITRO menu folder - a Leather cover in 4 colours with Insertable front page and refillable menu pages.
  • KLEAN menu folder New - Minimal style!! Simple appearance, full of functions, making a good stylist menu. (Also Insertable front page and refillable menu pages.)

….  Other Menu Cover models/Styles and also Menu Table to incrase sales, Menu Stands to attract more customers...  coming soon!


After running this online shop www.menu1folder.com, I found out that these Menu Covers are not only ideal for Restaurant, but also Hotels, Spas, even Real estate and Insurance Companies which used as Marketing Sale Kit. Some of the customers told me that they saw this Menu Cover style (Loft model) in the USA, Europe and Japan, and they are glad that it’s finally available in Thai Marketplace.