Triangular Table Menu – TRI Grand Caramel Brown set of 5 pieces


Triangular Table Menu TRI Grand Caramel Brown Set of 5 pieces / 2,280


TRI Grand Table Menu – Caramel Brown Leather looks great and luxurious. Designed to have a triangular stand for inserting the menu or promotions sheets conveniently. It can be used in 3 sides which drive your sell restaurant getting better. You can also pick up and insert the sheet whenever you need it.

With a Triangular stand and 10*10 cm. base, the TRI Grand table menu can be seen all around and save space when placed on the table and counter. The material is made of grade A PVC leather which is more flexible than genuine leather. Clear PVC rigid is also chosen to protect the menu sheet (10*21.5 cm.) inside.

Triangular leather table menu – TRI Grand available in 4 leather colours;

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TRI series of Table Menu Display

Table Menu TRI series is designed to have 3 sides that can be seen from all sides. You can include various promotions or recommended menus to offer to customers. TRI Grand (leather) and TRI Swing (Acrylic rotating) are both available.

Table Menu in Caramel Brown Leather

Caramel Brown leather – TRI Grand comes with a stylish design, and meticulously sewn. It is made of grade A PVC leather to create a good touch. With a clear plastic sheet, PVC celluloid gives bright colour, waterproof, and protects food stain on the table.

Easy Insert-in Table Menu Display

Each TRI Grand table menu has a groove on the back to pick up and insert the menu or promotion sheets easily on your own. For saving on coating, you can print the sheets from a general Inkjet printer. It is very convenient!

Economic Space on Table with Menu Display

For only 10*10 cm table menu base and 10*21.5 cm. menu plates on each side, TRI Grand can be placed on the table, reception desk, or cashier counter, which increases the selling opportunity for your restaurant.

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